How to Use Sidebar℠ Mortgage Services

Sidebar℠ is a new mortgage banking service that can help you find a home loan. We’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers in helping them find professional mortgage programs tailored to attorneys.

Sidebar Mortgage Services

We work with lawyers to help take the stress out of finding a mortgage. We can help with you the following:

  • As a borrower, it’s difficult to find the perfect loan program. We can match you with loan officers and lenders so you can find the perfect mortgage for your needs.
  • By working with us, Sidebar℠ can provide you with the stats and information you need to understand historical mortgage rates to know whether you’re getting a good deal and if we can save you money through any discount programs, we’ll make sure you get credit.
  • In addition to providing you information regarding mortgages, home equity lines of credit and the real estate market in general, we are equipped to connect you with mortgage banking services.
  • We understand the professional mortgage market and can find you special deals that are only available to those holding a legal degree.

If you’d like to work with Sidebar mortgage services, the best way to get in touch for now is to send us an email.